This 24 Year Old Woman Wants To Have A Baby With Her 85 Year Old Husband



Couples with a major age gap are often looked down upon for being creepy and weird and I think to some extent that’s true, but as long as they’re happy or whatever and nothing illegal is going on I can usually have some sympathy for them.

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However, I think that a 61 year age gap is probably a bit too much and it’s crazy that 24 year old woman Miracle Pogue wants to start a family with her 85 year old husband Charles. The guy is probably only going to be around for about ten years longer and that’s going to be pretty harsh on the kid right.

Here’s what Miracle had to say about their romance and attempted pregnancy:

Charles used to bring in one item of clothing to the laundrette I was working in and only wanted me to serve him.

One day he waltzed in there and threw a piece of paper down and said ‘write down your number’ like he’s a player. He was my knight in shining armour.

We had a good vibe going, he didn’t make me feel weird. It was good conversation, he made me feel comfortable.

I knew he was older but I didn’t know his age exactly.

When I found out I was in too deep, it was a couple of months in and I already had feelings for him. He was my baby and he wasn’t going anywhere.

I don’t care if he’s 100 or 55, I like him for him. I thought he was maybe 60 or 70 because he looks so good. He’s always up and active.

My grandad said if I was happy and it’s what I want to do then he’s happy. My dad was like ‘hell no ma’am, not at all’.

It took a lot of time to convince him but I asked him if he wanted to lose his daughter forever.

If he didn’t come to my wedding, he would have lost me forever.

I told him I needed his support and to walk me down the aisle. Once he got to meet Charles and talk to him, he loved him.

We went to an IVF clinic before but we really felt the pre-judgment even though they don’t know me and it was quite overwhelming.

I know realistically I’ll be around longer than him so I try to live and have fun and experience as much as I can with him. We try to live it up.

I suppose it does sound like they’re happy enough and in fairness to Charles he doesn’t look like he’s 85, but I still stand by the idea that it seems kinda selfish for them to have a child when the kid clearly won’t know the father for fairly long and even be able to do that much with him because he’s so old and decrepit. If it’s what they want to do though, more power to them I guess.

We’ll see what happens, I fully expect them to probably have split up after some weird scandal in under a year. Tends to be what goes down with these kind of characters.

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