The 2017 Japanese Penis Festival Looks Bigger And Better Than Ever

In Japan, size matters.

In Japan, size matters. Every year on the second weekend of March, the recently married women of Kawasaki are invited to ride a giant dick through their village in order to bring prosperity and fertility to their relationships.

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The Hodare festival began as a small village tradition after an iron penis killed a man-eating vagina (I’m not even lying) but it has turned into the largest penis celebration in Japan with thousands of people flocking to this town to celebrate all things phallic.

Spring is seen as the time for growth and renewal, so the festivals make sure to try and incorporate trees and nature into the celebrations. In this case the centre of attention is a 7-foot, 1,330 pound wooden member which local women in traditional clothing mount and travel through the town on whilst waving to their adoring public. The wood to form the sculpture is from a local cedar tree which is cut down by local villagers and carved to create the world’s largest penis.

Not only does the giant cock bring good fortune to the women riding it, it is also believed that if anyone touches the sculpture it will bless their life as well. Unsurprisingly, the festival is growing year on year with plenty of tourists as well as hen and stag dos attending, leading to plenty of penis-shaped items such as penis-shaped octopus and salt beef to dominate the proceedings.

So, if you’re a fan of all things penis, head over to Japan next March.

For photos of last year’s celebration, click HERE.


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