17-Year-Old Girl Hospitalised After Shooting Krokodil Into Her Private Parts (NSFW)

Doctors in Mexico confirm that they had to treat a 17-year-old girl after she shot the flesh-eating drug into her vagina.

Krokodil — the flesh-eating drug that will destroy your mind, soul and definitely your body — is not something you want to be injecting anywhere, let alone into your genitalia.

Shocked doctors in Mexico said recently that they’d treated a 17-year-old girl with “severe lacerations” to her vagina. Jose Sotero Ruiz Hernandez, an official of the National Migration Institute in the city of Puerto Vallarta said, “There’s a case that we had to see at the Social Security; the girl consuming this drug, had an infection in her private parts.”

He added, somewhat coyly, that it “wasn’t caused from sexual intercourse” and that her vagina had already started “rotting”.

Goodness gracious. Definitely Krokodil we’re talking about here. If her vagina looks anything like the foot in the video below then that is difficult to stomach on so many levels. You’re definitely out of the game with a zombie vagina, that’s for sure.

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