A 16 Year Old Virgin Has Won A Ticket To A Sex Island Party And His Dad Wants To Go With Him


Broing down to lose your virginity in a drug and hooker fuelled orgy with your dad.

Teenage boys are pretty much universally horny and desperate to lose their virginities as soon as possible, but it’s often a lot easier said than done and there are numerous awkward moments before the deed is finally completed.

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So imagine your joy if you won a ticket to a sex island party when you were just 16! Well actually, you might be completely bricking it as you wouldn’t have a clue what to do at all, but the whole extravagance of it all would probably get you pretty pumped up, no? Chances are your mum would not be best pleased though.

This is the situation that 16 year old Brian from New York has found himself in. He borrowed his dad’s credit card without telling him to try and win the ticket (if you bought merch then you got entered in the draw) and somehow came out on top and is headed over to the island that is located somewhere near Trinidad and Tobago, where he’ll have access to unlimited food and drink during his stay as well as two prostitutes whenever he wants and a direct hotline to any drugs he requires during his trip.

Really does sound like he’s hit the jackpot hey, especially when tickets for the event normally cost $6000. Here’s what Brian had to say about it all:

Sex Island

I bought a phone case and a bag for $60.

After seeing the videos from Sex Island I just wanted to be there, but never imagined I would actually win. I used my dad’s credit card without telling him.

I received an email last week telling me I’d won the golden ticket. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, I thought I was dreaming.

When told my parents they were very angry. But then my dad researched about it and liked what he saw too. He decided that I could go, and signed a permission slip because I’m not an adult.

I can’t sleep properly waiting to go, and thinking about how it will be.

I want to have sex for the first time. Losing my virginity is really important to me at this time in my life.

I have tried to find girls on Tinder, but never had the courage to meet up with them in case it’s not really them in the photo. I kissed a friend in school once but she didn’t want anything else with me.

My friends are so so jealous of me.

My mum hasn’t spoke to me since she found out about it. My dad wanted to come with me, but obviously he couldn’t. He’s given me the talk about sex and told me to be careful about catching diseases.

Sex Island 2

I mean ewwww? Firstly that this guy Brian thinks that it will be cool to lose his virginity to a prostitute (yuck) in an orgy (double yuck) after only previously getting to first base with someone and secondly that his dad looked at it and said he liked what he saw and kinda wants to join? Can you imagine flying over to some sex island party with your dad broing down with you to lose your virginity in a drug and hooker fuelled orgy?

Sounds beyond awful, but hey at least Brian is excited about it. Dread to think how he’s going to turn out in later life though.

For more sex islands, check out the original advert for it from last year. Off the chain.


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