15 Unique And Unusual Decks Of Cards

15 cool and unique decks to spice up your poker nights in.

Everyone loves a good card game, a bit of family friendly Go Fish or winning shit loads of money in Poker, although in my case it’s more than likely going to end up like this poor dude. Even for those of you who don’t use cards in the conventional standard and instead use them to get hammered with a variety of vomit inducing drinking games, it’s pretty safe to say we’re all bored of the “standard” deck of cards. Well, today my friends, that all changes. Here are 15 awesome decks of cards that you will feel are a complete necessity to own:

I’d like to apologise for some of these images being a slightly low quality but finding high res images of some of these decks has proven very difficult.

1. Invisible Cards

see through cards

First up is this deck of see through playing cards. These bad boys are waterproof and just generally pretty cool. There’s no way anyone can hide their crap attempt of a poker face behind this deck, everything is just out for all to see. Warning: These cards are bastards to play 52 card pickup with.

2. Space Invader Cards

space invader cards

What a cool little set of cards honouring one of the founders of video gaming.  This simply designed deck of cards features a variety of the little shits that destroy your bases and green canon in the game that has most likely made most of us cry pathetically in defeat.

3. Metal Cards

metal playing cards

Its safe to say these cards are pretty durable. They can take a fair beating and have no war marks to show from it. You can set them on fire, spill as many drinks as you like on them, try and rip them but nothing is stopping this deck. These cards cost £70 which basically means I’m never going to own them; as if I had £70 to blow on a deck of cards.

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