Here Are The Ten Rudest Street Names In Britain

Rudest Street Names Britain

Would you like to live on any of these streets?

I don’t really get why anyone would name a street with a really dumb name like the ones featured below, because surely nobody is going to want to live there and all it’s going to do is drive down the value of the property on it, even if it has got some of the sickest street art in the world on it? Regardless, some idiot town planners thought it would be a good idea to give roads names like Slag Lane and Butt Hole Road and naturally we’re going to celebrate the fact by featuring them on the site.

Enjoy them while you can though, because a lot of them are being renamed in an attempt to drive up the value of property on them – experts reckon that a stupid street name can lower the price of a house by £80,000.

Rude Street Names 1

Rude Street Names 2

Rude Street Names 4

Rude street names decrease property prices

Rude Street Names 6

Rude Street Names 7


Rude Street Names 9



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