A 14 Year Old Vegan Schoolboy Was Punched In The Face And Force Fed Bacon

Dante Vegan

The vegan community are often ostracized by much of society for their plant based ways, but I don’t think that many people out there would advocate physically attacking vegans and force feeding them meat.

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This sadly is what the world is coming to though as the plight of one 14 year old boy named Dante can attest. Dante started at Milford Haven School in Wales after moving from Neath and has been forced to endure horrific bullying for his vegan beliefs, including having meat thrown at him and being force fed bacon. His 44 year old mother Rachel said the following about the attacks:

They tried to force my son to eat bacon.

There’s a group but one boy did the damage while the others watched. Dante got hold of the boy’s wrists to stop him putting meat in his mouth.

But he headbutted my son then started repeatedly punching him on the side of the head on the temple.

His face was so red he looked like a tomato when I picked him up.

Well at least tomatoes are in keeping with his veganism I suppose. In all seriousness, it’s pretty shitty that Dante has to deal with this – his mother is even claiming that the bullies are protected by the school and that there’s nothing in place to try and protect him and this is constantly happening to Dante despite her protestations.

I guess she’s hoping that if she went to the papers then it might get better for him, but anyone who has ever seen a high school movie knows that this is only going to make it worse. Hopefully Dante takes some lessons from Nate Diaz and learns how to be a kick ass vegan fighter because I think this is all the hope he’s got of not getting battered every day for his next four years of school. Good luck.

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