14 Year Old Boy Asks Nick Clegg If He Could Arrange To Have Katie Hopkins Killed

14 Year Old Asks Nick Clegg To Kill Katie Hopkins

Finally, someone is asking politicians to do something useful.

Finally, somebody has asked a question to a politician that’s actually relevant and important to the nation. Unfortunately the answer was the typical crap that comes out of most politician’s mouths.

The person asking the question was a 14 year old boy named Harvey Cuffe who asked Clegg if it was possible for him to eliminate Katie Hopkins from the world. Instead of sensing how popular it would make him if he did detail a manifesto to destroy her, Clegg instead offered the rather meek ‘unfortunately I can’t – maybe just try ignoring her?’ What a wet blanket eh?

It’s hardly as compelling a campaign pledge though as when Katie Hopkins said she would leave the country if Labour were voted in. Grow some balls Clegg, if you had answered that question a bit better than you might have one foot in number 10 by now.

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