12 Players Sent Off In Argentinian Third Division Match After Massive Brawl

12 People Sent Off Argentinian Brawl

There are some huge derbies in English football but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reaction like this.

Local derbies in football can be a big deal and can often end in violence and that can be cool because it’s great to see a lot of passion but it can also be really uncool if people get hurt or even die like these 7 footballers who died playing football.

I’ve seen some mass brawls in my time watching the beautiful game but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. It’s from an Argentinian third division match between rivals Deportivo Roca and Cipolletti and it went down in the 67th minute, where a fight erupted between two players that soon descended into a massive street fight all over the pitch.

It’s truly insane behaviour and ended with 12 players being sent off and the game being abandoned. They’re looking at a whole bunch of fines and bans as you might expect, but I doubt anyone will receive as big a ban as the guy who received a 28 match ban for this shocking tackle in Vietnam.


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