A 111 Year Old Woman Says That Onions Are The Key To Long Life

Could be.

People are always coming up with different ways to stay healthy and live as long as possible, but I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anyone say that onions are the key to immortality – when a 111 year old woman starts speaking up about their powers though, you should probably pay attention.

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Daisy Bastin has had a fantastic innings and reckons that it’s all down to eating a load of vegetables:

I am very lucky in my life to have had such loyal friends and to still be in good health.

Onions keep me going. They’re good for the skin too.

I have great support from my friends and carers who come into my home and they have helped me to live a long and happy life.

I mean that seems a bit too simplistic really doesn’t it, but I suppose she does know what she’s talking about. Good news is that I regularly eat onions so I don’t really even have to do anything to change my diet or lifestyle and I’m pretty much guaranteed to live to be over 100 thanks to this. Excellent news.

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