Watch 11,000 Virtual Penguins Battle Against 4,000 Murderous Santa Clauses


The battle to end all battles this Christmas.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever thought much about the rivalry between Santa Claus and your average penguin, but it turns out that there is indeed some kind of beef between them and one man was determined to settle it once and for all by making the following computer game simulation.

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The video below shows 11,000 penguins juking it out against 4000 Santa Clauses to find out who really is the king of Christmas. Not sure if those numbers are exactly fair, but I suppose the guy making it must have come up with some stats for both sides and determined them from those.

The simulation actually showcases the new features to the crowd rendering system on battle simulations as units now navigate complex terrain, bodies now pile up and movement and avoidance has been improved and smoothed. It’s basically pretty impressive and a great way to spend the next ten minutes of your life:

Ouch. I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised that the Santas ended up getting annihilated when they had 7000 less numbers competing in the battle, but I really thought the Santas were going to pull it out of the bag. No such luck. I thought that last one might have at least taken out one penguin before he bit the dust though – not sure why he didn’t just run away after 3999 of his mates had just died, but there you go. Honour among Christmas or something.

For more battles, here’s a guy trying to defeat a humongous house spider. Just run away dude.


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