103-Year-Old Woman Says The Key To Long Life Is Daily Boozing

Mildred Bowers BeerMildred Bowers Beer

I’ll drink to that.

There are many perceived methods to achieve a long and healthy life, but when you talk to someone that has actually lived one, then they’ve usually got some pretty off the wall ideas about why they’ve lived so long.

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Case in point, 103-year-old Mildred Bowers, who claims that the key to her extended existence is drinking an ice cold beer every day at four o’clock. While that might sound pretty good, she’s only drinking one a day which isn’t so good because you can’t exactly get wasted like you might want to. But still I guess one beer is better than none right, and if it lets you live until the age of 103 then that isn’t so bad either?

Bowers did face a problem when she moved into her South Carolina nursing home though as her nurses initially balked at the suggestion she had her regular four o’clock beer. Apparently though her doctor immediately OKed it and the rest is history.

It’s not really that surprising either, because there are certain scientific studies out there that back up moderate alcohol consumption can have health benefits. So there you go. The nurses and Bowers’ friends also say that she’s ‘sharp as a tack’ so it must be working to some extent too.

It’s a better way than staying alive for a shit load of time than this woman’s frankly ridiculous method too.


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