Phone Footage Captures The Moment 100 Man Brawl Breaks Out At Wetherspoons

Brawl Wetherspoons

“Last night got way out of hand.”

A while back, the Wiltshire Wetherspoons got even rowdier than usual when a 100 man brawl broke out on the premises.

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The incident took place in the early hours of a Sunday morning at the Albany Palace Wetherspoons. Luckily Tommy Arkle, 21, managed to film the whole thing on his phone, which shows men and women throwing punches at each other as the music continues to play in the background:

Here’s Tommy’s version of events:

There was a group of lads, who had obviously had a bit to drink.

It started as two people on one and then suddenly escalated into almost everyone in the bar.

I was walking back from the bar with a pint in my hand when I heard a load of shouting and looked around.

Then I just saw everyone fighting, I didn’t even have time to think about it.

One of my best mates was bottled, he wasn’t even involved in the fight.

Somehow he ended up getting caught up in it all on his way back from the bar.

There was a lot of blood, and a big wound on the top of his forehead. Someone called for an ambulance, which arrived pretty quickly and he was taken to A&E at the Royal United Hospital.

He’s OK now, though.

Glad to hear Tommy and his mate are OK. That must’ve been quite a fight if his buddy was bottled despite not being actively involved in the brawl. I guess that’s what happens when you put over 100 louts in one room and throw cheap booze into the mix. Pure carnage.

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