More Than 100 Inmates Escape After Hurricane Irma Destroys Prison

British Virgin Islands


You’ve probably seen that Florida and Central America are currently experiencing the worst hurricane in recorded history in the form of Hurricane Irma and that it’s totally screwing up the state, with several buildings being destroyed and towns being evacuated.

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One of the most distressing developments during the storm though is that somewhere between 100 and 120 inmates have escaped from jail on the British Virgin Islands after Irma succeeded in destroying parts of the prison. The prisoners were kept under armed guard to begin with, but when it seemed like this wasn’t really going to be a sustainable option the guards allowed them to leave the prison. Around 80 of them remained incarcerated of their own free will though.

However, I’m not really sure how far they’re going to be able to get on the island given the current conditions that they’re facing. Resident Nick Cunha – who’s currently sheltering in an office in Road Town – has described the conditions as apocalyptic and had the following to say about the situation:

Hurricane DamageHurricane Damage

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We have a generator at the moment with limited electricity for running water and phones.

There is a lot of fuel on the island but it’s in cars that are inaccessible or destroyed. It would have to be siphoned out. So the cars that are working all have a very limited fuel supply.

But roads are being cleared. A lot of private heavy machinery owners are jumping in their own vehicles and doing what they can to help mobilize people who have been stranded.

There’s not enough supplies for the people that are homeless here and there’s not enough shelter.

There is a hospital and it is doubled up as a shelter right now but it’s probably beyond capacity.

Yeah, it doesn’t really sound like conditions are ideal for a hundred prisoners without any possessions trying to lay low and avoid getting caught by the law. Sounds like it’s going to be a while before the island is going to be ready to launch a manhunt for them though so maybe they’ll be able to get out. I would say that if you’re over there then you need to be careful, but you probably already are if you’ve already experienced Hurricane Irma. Best of luck out there.

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