10 Things You Should Know About Serbians

I always like to know what a race of people are going to be like before I visit their country. So if you’re off to EXIT this year here’s some facts…

8) Landscape

Facts About Serbia - Forest

FACT: More than 30% of Serbia is still forested.

CONCLUSION: They are in tune with nature and could probably wrestle a bear if it came to it.

9) Economy

Facts About Serbia - Raspberry export

FACT: Serbia is the world’s largest producer of raspberries with over 30% of the world’s total raspberries being born there.

CONCLUSION: They like raspberries? Or maybe they hate them if they’re exporting them all?

10) Names

Facts About Serbia - Serbian flag

FACT: Most surnames end with “ic”.

CONCLUSION: errrmmm…. I think I’ll stop now.

So I’m fairly sure that this list I’ve compiled for your today is of literally no use whatsoever for delving into the Serbian psyche. Sorry about that. I guess you’ll just have to wait until you get to EXIT and find out for yourself.

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