10 Terrifying Looking Animals That Are Harmless To Humans

Not everything that looks terrifying and/or gross will actually kill you.

Nature has provided us a wealth of ways to die. How kind of her. Many of her inventions are built with the express intention of doing harm, that’s the beauty of creation I guess.

The following creatures all look like they would eat your soul and throw you on a fire for a joke, but in fact, they are all harmless (or pretty much harmless) to humans. I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising seeing as the most deadly creature to humanity, the mosquito, looks utterly benign.

So, without further friggin’ about, here are some animals that are actually pretty chilled towards us humans despite looking psychotic/incredibly mean.

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10) The Gremlin-esque Aye-Aye

Dangerous Looking Animals - Aye Aye

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It looks more like a Gremlin than a Gremlin does. It also looks like it would put a spell on you and disembowel you in one fell swoop. But it wouldn’t. The aye-aye lives in Madagascar and it only eats insects. He can’t hurt you really. Apparently the aye-aye don’t even practice voodoo anymore.

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