These 10 Haunting Photos Of People Were Taken Moments Before Their Death

Final moments captured on camera.

For centuries, the concept of a person’s final words have been considered to be of high significance, as they represent a final flourish as their spirit leaves the world of the living. However, due to the rise of technology and the internet, it’s not out of the ordinary for a person’s final moment to now be caught on camera. We’ve seen multiple instances of people dying on their mission to capture the perfect selfie.

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This list takes a look at ten truly disturbing photos that were taken moments before the subject’s death. From a suicidal bridge jumper to a serial killer’s snapshot, these are the most chilling pre-death shots and the stories behind the camera. Don’t say we didn’t warn you:

Xenia Ignatyeva

Xenia was a Russian teenager who took the extreme selfie craze one step too far. She was only seventeen when she attempted to take a selfie from on top of a rail bridge in Krasnogvardeysky. Unfortunately just moments after this picture was taken, Xenia lost her balance and electrocuted herself on a high voltage cable before falling to her death.


Petra and Gary Slok

Although this picture might look happy, it’s actually of two passengers aboard the doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which was allegedly shot down by pro-Russian separatists.


Hot air balloon tragedy

In 2012, eleven people died during a scenic hot air balloon accident in Carterton, New Zealand, after it hit a high voltage power line. As captured in this photo, the balloon instantly caught fire before breaking free and plummeting, sending its riders to their fiery end.


Pavel Kashin 

Freerunning is an impressive sport, but it’s also an incredibly dangerous one. Case in point, the photo below shows Russian freerunner Pavel Kashin, just moments before making a fatal error, losing balance and plummeting sixteen storeys.


Carl Williams 

Carl Williams was an Australian criminal who served life in prison for his role in a drug and murder ring. While serving time at Barwon prison, another prisoner named Matthew Charles Johnson savagely beat Carl to death using a part of an exercise bike. This photo is a still from the CCTV footage showing the chilling moments leading up to the incident.


Regina Kay Walters

One of the most chilling ‘final moments’ photos has to be the one below. It shows Texan 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters moments before she was murdered by serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades, who toured the U.S. in his mobile torture chamber. Regina was one of three victims but was the only one Robert psychologically toyed with. Robert took the photo in an abandoned barn after cutting off Kay’s hair and forcing her to wear a black dress and heels. The police eventually caught up with Robert in 1992.


Reynaldo Dagsa Assassination

This shocking photo was taken by Filipino politician Reynaldo Dagsa just seconds before he was assassinated. Although it might seem innocent enough, if you look closely you can see that he accidentally captured his assassin on camera, which was later used to identify and apprehend the gunman.


Unidentified 9/11 jumper

The tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks will never be forgotten. They’ve become a defining moment in history, much like 1963’s JFK assassination. This utterly heartbreaking photo of the twin tower attacks shows an unidentified jumper falling to his death from one of the tower’s upper floors.


William ‘Dave’ Sanders

William ‘Dave’ Sanders was the heroic teacher who saved hundreds of students’ lives during the tragic Columbine High School massacre back in 1999. Security cameras caught footage of Sanders’ final moments alive before being shot by the attackers.


Christopher McCandless

Christopher McCandless is the subject of the 2007 film ‘Into the Wild’. After growing tired of modern life, Christopher decided to travel alone to the harsh Alaskan wilderness. He documented his time there and even took one final photo after realising he’d eaten poisonous berries. In it, Christopher is holding up a sign saying, “I have had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may god bless all!”


Well, if these photos haven’t disturbed you then you’re one seriously twisted mothertrucker. For a lighter, less macabre photo collection, take a look at the gravity-defying quiffs of the Tokyo Rockabilly Club. Rock’n‘roll never dies.


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