10 Gadgets You Wish You Owned

I’m not much of a gadget guy really but I want ALL of these (except one): Bluetooth gloves, 3D photo booth, transformer caps and a GoPro drone. Yes please.

I often find myself perusing gadgets on-line for hours and I always wish I hadn’t bothered. It’s interesting and everything but I can’t normally afford to buy the stuff I need, let alone stuff I don’t need.

So I hope reading this article depresses you as much as it depressed me to write it. Yeah, I’m that nice.

1) iPhone Stun Gun

Top Cool Inventions - iPhone Taser

Every home should have one! The “Yellow Jacket” is capable of discharging 650,000 volts into your chosen friend or colleague. The creator says “Is there a risk of electric shock during a phone call? With proper use, no.” I’m not keen on putting a Taser to my temple. Call me loopy.

They’re about $100 if you’re interested. Seriously though, as stun gun? Is that OK to be selling to people? I’m not so sure…

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