10 Dirty Sex Jokes From The 1700s Shows That Humans Have Always Had Filthy Minds

Turns out penises and vaginas were funny in the 1700s too.

You might think that sex-related jokes and anecdotes are as prominent now as they’ve ever been, and while they may be true it turns out that back in the 1700s, people also enjoyed a good joke about penises and vaginas.

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Here are 10 of the best collected by eCards — be sure to repeat them to your nan later on:

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A Gentleman being in Company with some Ladies, who talkd’ very amorously, felt an odd sort of Motion in his Breeches: So he whisper’d one of the Ladies in the Ear, and told her that his Fusee was cock’d. It is so, says she; then you may Fire at me if you please; I’ll stand ye, I am not afraid of your Flints, altho’ there be two of them.

2015 translation: A guy gets a boner while talking to some women, and tries to make out like he has a flintlock rifle in my pocket. The lady goes “if that’s the case, then there’s two of them. But I’m pretty sure one of them is a boner, and you can fire at me with it.” Oo-er!

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