Women Reveal The Things Men Should Never Write On Their Dating Profiles

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Deal breakers.

In the post-Tinder world we live in, making a good impression to a potential date has become practically impossible.

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You’ve literally got about two seconds before a person decides whether to swipe right or left, so it’s important that you make sure your profile is up to scratch – it could be the difference between finding a date or spending the rest of your life as a lonely singleton.

Thankfully, a group of women have decided to help you along a little by taking to Reddit to answer the question: “What are things men write on their dating profiles that are instant deal breakers?” (Apologies to any women and gay people reading – this specific Reddit post only applies to heterosexual men). Here goes:

So there you have it – avoid any of these phrases or features in your dating profile and you’ll be on the way to finding a girlfriend in no time.

I would’ve thought that most of these were obvious. If I had to summarise all of these deal-breakers into a one-sentence piece of advice, I guess it would be: “don’t be a d**k”. Simple.

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