Watch This Naked Woman Get Her Entire Body Painted Like Clothes Then Walk Around A Mall

Naked Bodypaint

Just a standard day at the mall.

There seems to be an increasing trend of women painting their bodies to look like they’re wearing clothes and then proceeding to walk around in public to see if anyone notices and I’m not really sure why they’re so popular but I always seem to check them out anyway. I guess there’s something vaguely exciting about seeing whether they’re going to get caught walking around naked. Kinda?

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Anyway, the latest edition in this series features fitness lover Maria Luciotti getting all painted up and then crashing the mall to see if anyone notices that she’s not actually wearing any clothes. What do you think happened?

I mean I suppose it isn’t that much of a surprise that literally everyone noticed she wasn’t actually wearing trousers because literally everyone in the video was staring at her butt the whole time, even the women? I guess you’ve just gotta respect an ass like that.

For more of the same, check out this super hot Danish model walking down the street wearing nothing but body paint. It never gets old it seems.


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