Super Hot Danish Model Walks Down The Street Wearing Nothing But Body Paint

Danish Model Bodypaint Trick

Welcome to the dreams you never knew you had.

I’m not sure why this happened – although it’s almost certainly a viral video advertising some kind of awesome paint, because that’s just how things work these days (or on closer inspection, maybe Chanel) (EDIT: in actual fact it’s a casting spot for some new Danish TV dating show which promises to feature a ‘brand new’ dating format. Yeah right) – but it doesn’t really matter because all you really need to know is that it’s fucking awesome, and that’s it.

Basically, a hot Danish woman walks down the busiest street in Fredericksburg in Denmak wearing a black t-shirt, as you might do. On closer inspection though, the t-shirt is made of nothing but a lick of black spray paint, and if you looks closely at her – which most people are – then you can kind of figure it out. As with most awesome pranks, the reactions of those checking her out range from the horrified to the confused to those that completely love it. I definitely know which category I would fall into.


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