WATCH: Dumbest Robber Ever Holds Up Taxi Driver Whilst A Cop Car Is Behind Him

Taxi Robbery

Come on dude, sort it out.

If you’re going to commit armed robbery, then it’s probably a good idea to check your surroundings and make sure that there aren’t any cops around who could potentially screw the whole thing up for you before you go ahead and do it.

Unfortunately for this guy he didn’t think to take any such precautions before holding up the taxi driver whose taxi he was riding in at gunpoint – there was a police car parked up right behind him in the traffic jam. Needless to say, things didn’t end up too well for this guy.

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Way to get busted eh? Good thing the dude wore a mask so nobody could see his face. Maybe make sure there aren’t any cops around next time too man because there’s no point halfassing it really is there? You’re just gonna get caught.

The guy getting robbed is a bit annoying too when the cops come and bust him, although I suppose he did just have a gun to his head so we can probably let him off. I would have thought that it was a semi-regular occurrence for cab drivers to get robbed. Guess not.

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