The ‘Heart Shaped Selfie Challenge’ Is Tricking Women Into Flashing On Social Media


Yet another bizarre social media trend has made its way out of China and this one’s even more explicit than the last.

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Called the “heart shaped boob challenge”, the new craze involves women making heart shapes with their breasts and posting pictures of it online. It started earlier this week and has been sweeping across the Chinese social media outlets such as Weibo, with thousands of women taking part in the challenge.

heart shaped boob challenge 1

Although these pictures have been posted and shared millions of times over, Weibo are not happy about it and have been deleting the ones that are deemed too risqué. Nevertheless, this hasn’t deterred people from taking part.

heart shaped boob challenge 2

I don’t see any harm in it really, but we all know that social media platforms absolutely hate the sight of a woman’s nipples and there have been a fair few on show. You’ve also got to wonder whether the person who comes up with these “trends” is actually just some massive pervert who just it as an opportunity to see thousands of women’s breasts. If that is the case then that dude is one perverted genius – it almost seems to easy.

heart shaped boob challenge

Although if that is the case then what the hell was the guy who created this social media craze thinking? That’s not something any of us need to see.


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