Stacey Flounders Just Testified At Adam Johnson’s Trial And Revealed She’s Dumped Him

Stacey Flounders

About time.

Throughout Adam Johnson’s trial, one question that has remained unanswered has been just why his girlfriend Stacey Flounders had chosen to stand by him the whole time despite the fact that he was trying to get off with a fifteen year old when she was sending him pictures of their baby. It was a damn good question.

Well, after today it seems to have been answered as Flounders revealed that in the wake of all these revelations the two had split up but were determined to remain friends and have an amicable relationship for the sake of their baby. She also confirmed Johnson’s story that he only kissed the girl and didn’t let her perform oral sex on him, and that he confided in her as early as September that he planned on pleading guilty to the offences he believed he committed.

Here’s a summary of what she had to say, from Sunderland Echo reporter Debra Fox:

SF says relationship with AJ at this time was “not very good”.

OP (Johnson’s lawyer): “Did you suspect that he was cheating on you?”

AJ: “Yes.”

SF: “When he came out of the room I asked who she was, and he said it was the girl and he had given her a couple of shirts then I asked how old she was and he said she was 16.”

Stacey Flounders has just confirmed that she and Adam Johnson are “just going to remain friends” in the future. And that is how she sees their relationship going.

Johnson still looking to the ground as Stacey delivers this revelation to the jury.

Going back to when Johnson was arrested. SF: “When he said her name I recognised her name from when she spoke to me on Twitter. It popped into my head at the time to ask how old she was.”

SF: “I just wanted to know everything and he did, he told me and was actually really honest.”

Following Johnson’s arrest, SF has said that she did remain with the footballer at that time.

“Because he was honest with me and I knew he was telling the truth. I had just had a daughter and I wanted to be a family.”

As I said before, she has now decided that they will remain friends in the future.

OP: “In giving the evidence you have given are you prepared to lie on Adam Johnson’s behalf?”

SF: “No, I would never lie for Adam.”

OP: “Do you see any future in the relationship that you had?”

SF: “Not at the minute I don’t, no.”

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Kate Blackwell QC (KB) now beginning cross examination of Stacey Flounders.

SF on what Johnson told her after arrest: “That he kissed her and that he had met her twice.”

SF has told jurors that Johnson told her that he was going to plead guilty to kissing the 15-year-old before he entered that plea. She can’t remember exactly when but is estimating before Christmas.

She is now thinking that it was around September last year he told her this.

KB: “When did he change his mind?”

SF: “I don’t think he changed his mind.”

SF on what she said to Johnson when he came back from arrest and interview. SF: “That he was stupid and asking him why he did it.”

“He was actually in shock and he realised what he did. He just said he was being stupid.”

OP: “Did he ever deny that he kissed passionately a girl under the age of 16?”

SF: “No, he never denied it.”

Judge Rose has just asked SF when AJ told her that the girl was 15. She thinks it may have been a few days after he was arrested.

Remember, we have already heard that on arrest Johnson said to her: “She said she was 16.”

Well there you have it. I’m not sure why they’re dwelling so much on the fact that Johnson told his girlfriend the girl was 16 to begin with – of course you would say that to your girlfriend, you’re not going to admit that straight away are you? And in any case he’s already admitted he knew she was 15 in court so it’s not like he’s trying to hide that.
In any case, even if he does somehow manage to be found not guilty in this case his life is completely fucked whatever happens. He’s lost his job – it’s unlikely another football club would ever employ him – the respect of his friends and former teammates and now his girlfriend, and probably very soon his child as well. All so he could snog a 15 year old girl for a few minutes and fail to pull down her pants and finger her. Good one mate.


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