McDonald’s Customer Was Served The Most Revolting Looking Milkshake Of All Time (PHOTO)


Not fit for human consumption.

A horrified McDonald’s customer was served what looks like the aftermath of a bad curry after asking for a vanilla milkshake. See for yourself:


Disgusting right? Quite rightly, the unnamed customer from Sheffield says that his stomach turned when he peered inside the cup. Instead of finding a light froth on top of the shake, he discovered that weird looking congealed mess.

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However, instead of being offered a genuine apology when he complained, the customer said that the bosses simply shrugged and said that, “it looks how our food tastes.” Lol, they do have a point. If you go to McDonald’s, don’t expect haute cuisine.


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Don’t worry though, the dude was later handed a £10 voucher, so now he can buy himself five more disgusting looking milkshakes. Winning. For more grimy fast food moments, check out this video of a KFC meal. But be warned – it might change the way you look at their chicken forever.


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