Man Manages To Actually Fold A Piece Of Paper 7 Times In A Row

Piece Of Paper Folded

That ending was not expected.

I remember back in school that getting a piece of paper and folding it in half over and over again until you could fold it no more was something that actually happened with some degree of frequency, but since those days the desire to do it or why it was so hard to continue after about five folds has barely crossed my mind.

Thankfully though, this video has been brought to my attention and it turns out that the question didn’t escape the minds of some and now that they have access to a hydraulic press they’re going to find out what happens if you do manage to get it over the 7 folds hurdle. Turns out that the paper literally explodes if it gets to this point and that probably not even the strongest man in the world would be able to get it to that level:

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That’s literally insane huh? I never thought I would or could ever see a piece of paper do anything like that? I mean how the hell does that even happen? Physics I guess, but it would have been way cooler if we had learned something like that at school instead of whatever boring crap they did teach us.

For more science craziness, check out this video of a bowling ball and a feather falling at the same speed in a vacuum. Fuck yeah science.


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