This Argentinian Brother & Sister Pulled Off One Of The Most Sickening Crimes Imaginable

This is absolutely sick and twisted.

There’s not many things too screwed up for us to cover on Sick Chirpse, but stepbrother and sister duo Leandro Acosta and Karen Klein have made a damn good try of it.

The two of them successfully plotted and carried out the murder of their parents, but as if that wasn’t messed up enough, they then had sex with their dead bodies and ATE them.

Leandro, 25, admitted to the crime against parents Ricardo Ignacio Klein and Miryam Esther Kowalczuk which took place at their family home in the city of Pilar in Buenos Aires.

22 year old sister Karen was then also arrested after it transpired she too was involved. She was released however when authorities agreed that Leandro pressured her into it with threats of lethal violence.

Apparently the parents were shot dead with three bullets, and after the two of them had sex with the bodies and ate a part of the dad’s flesh, Leandro fed the remains to the family’s six dogs. Brutal stuff.

Karen said:

I did not kill. I have a clear conscience. My only mistake was not having denounced and I did not because [Acosta] was going to kill me and my brothers.


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Meanwhile, her brother’s lawyer said that Leandro had told her he’d felt “an orgasmic relief” after killing his parents. Jesus.

Just to add another twisted element on top of it all, Argentinian media is reporting that the stepsister and brother were secret lovers.

Leandro argues that he was abused by his parents when he was younger, and in killing them he was protecting other children from going through the same thing.

Even if that were true (and it might be), even Leandro has to concede that having sex with the bodies and eating them afterwards was a bit overstated, surely? I mean talk about making your point loud and clear.

Edmund Kemper, eat your heart out.


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