Man Who Spent £280K To Look Like ‘Ken’ Rushed To Hospital After His Body Rejects New Nose

His nose looks like how yours feels on a Friday night.

A London-based Brazilian man who dedicated his life to trying to look like a Ken doll has been admitted to hospital after his nose literally began rotting on his face.

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Rodrigo Alves, 32, has body dysmorphic disorder, a chronic mental illness that means he’s obsessed by physical appearance and body image.



According to the Mayo Clinic, people with the condition typically undergo multiple plastic surgeries to try and “fix” their perceives flaws but are never quite satisfied.

Alves himself has undergone 42 cosmetic surgeries over the last 10 years, running up a bill of about $400,000 (£280k).


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After a recent nose job however, Alves noticed a hole appear on the left side and went to the docs who said it was a case of necrosis; death of body tissue, which can’t be reversed.

This occurs due to lack of blood flow to the tissue, but the worry is now that the necrosis could spread or become gangrenous, which would be an absolute disaster for anyone let alone someone obsessed with looking like a Ken doll.

Alves says:

It is very frightening. I’ve been warned if it is not stopped, it could eat into my face.


It would be really easy to just rip this guy for spending £280,000 on looking like a Ken Doll, but actually looking at his ‘before’ picture, I kinda understand it. That skinny-fat look was NOT working for him at all. OK I’m not saying he should have turned himself into a plastic Ken doll but at least he was trying to change up his look somehow.

Besides, you almost have to respect the fact he’s SO committed to looking like a Ken doll. It doesn’t affect your life if he wants to splash all his money looking like a freak whose face is now literally falling apart. Let Rodrigo Alves do his thing, I say. Hopefully he doesn’t end up dying on a surgeon’s table one day.

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