The ‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Has Released His First Professional Modelling Photo

Hot Mugshot Guy

Remember this guy?

Remember way back in 2014 when this dude called Jeremy Meeks got arrested for possession of some unlicensed firearms and his mugshot went viral because he was such a babe?

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I’m fairly sure you do because it was hot shit back then, but I guess that you probably assumed like me that his modelling career with White Cross Management hadn’t taken off because we hadn’t heard from him in two years. Well I guess he had still been in jail or developing his style or something for that time because he has indeed posted his first modelling photograph on his Instagram account.

Check it out:

#warriors #dubnation #hometeam

A photo posted by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

Hmmm. Kinda uninspiring I suppose – I was hoping for a full body shot of him wearing a Hugo Boss suit in an exotic location or something, not just a head shot of him wearing a basketball cap.

Jeremy does work his best feature though – those piercing blue eyes – and I’m sure the people who work at White Cross Management probably know how to develop a modelling career a hell of a lot better than me. Let’s hope Jeremy can stay on the straight and narrow and make the most of this opportunity that has somehow fallen into his lap.

Meeks also has an up and coming rival in the hot mugshot stakes – check this girl out.


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