Here’s Holly Willoughby Being Amazingly Sexually Inappropriate On This Morning Again Yesterday

Holly Willoughby Sexually Inappropriate THis Morning

Is she doing this deliberately?

Holly Willoughby has a reputation for being ‘bubbly’. Or more accurately, sexually inappropriate all the time on a TV show that is largely watched by stay at home mums and kids who are calling in sick from school who haven’t figured out how to work a remote control yet.

I’m not really sure why but she doesn’t do herself any favours when she says ridiculous comments like this. Holly and her mate Philip Schofield were interviewing some dude called Colin Cloud  – who models himself as a ‘deductions’ or a ‘real life Sherlock Holmes’ – yesterday when she let the bomb drop.

After Cloud did some quite frankly amazing deduction work on Philip, Holly couldn’t conceal her excitement and pretty much offered herself up to the unsuspecting Sherlock Holmes wannabe right there and then on the show:

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Oof. That was awkward. Although what she said wasn’t that bad, the way Holly kept repeating it after everyone started laughing at her certainly didn’t detract from the situation did it? She knows what she’s doing – I guess that’s why she’s there.

My favourite part had to be Cloud’s bemusement by it all and how he just adopted some ‘cool’ looking stance that he probably read in the Pick Up Artist. Yeah, he might be a deductionist but when it comes to women it looks like he’s just as clueless as the rest of us.

Maybe he needs to take some advice from the worst video daters of the 80s. This one has to be seen to be believed.


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