Hideous Hair Cuts And Terrible Trims #2

Welcome to the second edition of regretful barnets and sinful styles. I have scoured the www for your maximum displeasure.

This is Superman’s uncle. He tried to drown Clark Kent as a child. Being serious for a moment, how do people get themselves into this state? He must have friends or relatives? Surely someone who knows him should be like “Fred, just shave it dude, it must take you ages to do in the morning and it looks proper gash mate”. Or maybe he is a lonely, lonely man, in which case you’re all sickos for laughing at him.

Worst Hair Cut Ever - Terrible Hair Style - Superman Curl

My first instinct was that someone had done this to him whilst he was asleep. But when I have a detailed look I realise that the accuracy level is high and that he must have been both awake and compliant. The mind boggles, he looks like an Asian Oompa Loompa.

Worst Hair Cut Ever - Terrible Hair Style - Wild Indian Fella

…. and here’s another “MAXI-MULLET” (not my capitalisation). This one is about as MAXI as it gets. Complete wet shave on the top and wild man of Borneo out back. It’s awful isn’t it? But at least he’s found a style and is going at it full throttle, no half measures for this guy. No sir. I reckon he might be a wizard.

Worst Hair Cut Ever - Terrible Hair Style - Wizard

Last but not least we have this abomination, it just looks so time consuming. I think he’s in prison so I guess he has all the time in the world, but where would you get that much hair product from in the prison. Oh…. maybe it’s not gel….

Worst Hair Cut Ever - Terrible Hair Style - Worms

There we go folks, another wander down a winding river of puke. I hope you got some inspiration from that collection, and if you didn’t I hope you got some solace: you probably don’t look as cack as they do, no matter how cack you look.

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