Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz A ‘Pussy’ Live On Stage And The Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild

What other politician in the world could ever get away with doing this on stage?

Donald Trump was at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire yesterday when he overheard a woman in the crowd remark that Ted Cruz’s position on waterboarding made him “a pussy”.

Instead of ignoring the remark, Trump asked her to repeat it, and then repeated it himself for good measure, prompting the crowd to go absolutely NUTS for him:

Incredible. Such a classic WWE bad guy move. Oh wait this isn’t WWE? Oh yeah that’s right, this is the leading candidate for the next President of the United States we’re talking about. Unreal!

Like we keep saying, Trump is just seeing how far he can push this. Boasting that he can get away with murder, making young girls do weird dance moves for him, talking about cock-slapping people, and now calling his fellow candidates pussies? All it seems to have done is intensify support for Trump and guaranteed that everyone’s going to be calling Ted Cruz a pussy for the rest of his life. Trump wins once again. God Americans are retarded.

P.S. He might be right about Cruz being a bit of a pussy.


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