US Senator Ted Cruz Tries To Hug Daughter On TV, Results In Most Awkward Video Of 2016

This is too painful to even watch twice.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who’s about as hateable as Donald Trump but not quite as popular from what I understand, desperately tried to give his young daughter a hug on live TV the other day only to have it result in the most excruciatingly embarrassing TV moment off 2016 thus far.

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Watch below:

Brutal. I mean I know kids can be utter wankers sometimes and say stuff like “I hate you dad!” in front of other people, but this right here looked like she genuinely dislikes the guy. Was that the first time he ever tried to hug her? Was that the first time they ever met? Baffling.

Still, Cruz never gave up. He went in for a hug from his daughter and he got one even though it made her skin crawl. I guess that’s the sort of never-quit attitude you want from a potential President. At least he had slightly better luck than the guy trying to hug Mike Tyson from behind.


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