Bill Cosby Shouted Fat Albert’s ‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ Catchphrase Outside Rape Trial (VIDEO)

Bill Cosby

So inappropriate.

Bill Cosby recently faced a lengthy court case after being accused of sexual assault by 60 different women.

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Despite the epic amount of evidence against him, where he was accused of rape, drugging, assault and other sexual violence, the judge declared the case as a mistrial over the weekend.

The entire case is controversial as it is and you would think that judging by the highly sensitive nature of the allegations made against him, Bill Cosby would act in appreciation towards the seriousness of the occasion.

If you did think that, then you would be wrong, as the former actor was filmed shouting out Fat Albert’s ‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ catchphrase outside of the court last week.

Yeah, he might’ve been given a mistrial, but he shouldn’t be acting so cocky. The prosecution has now vowed to bring a new trial, which Judge Steven T. O’Neill has said would begin within months. Maybe keep the catchphrases to yourself for that one Bill. Especially when allegations like this continue to come out of the woodwork.


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