Bill Crosby Allegedly Drugged A Young Girl At The Playboy Mansion So He Could Lick Her Toes

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Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has found himself caught up in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case, after a model claims he conspired with the comedian to drug and abuse her.

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Hefner is being sued over the allegations outlined in Chloe Goins’ lawsuit against Cosby, which claims that she was just a teenager when the incident occurred back in 2008.

She has said that she was out cold after being given a drink by Cosby, and she woke up butt naked with him licking her toes. Apparently Hefner assisted his buddy with the assault by asking her to lie down after she had the drink – and this all occurred at the Playboy Mansion. Dark.

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The court documents say:

In 2008 Defendants Hefner and Cosby both knowingly and wilfully agreed and conspired to host parties, invite minors or young adults under the age of 21, provide them with alcohol and or foreign substances.

Chloe’s attorney Spencer Kuvin said:

After filing the original lawsuit we continued our internal investigation of the case and came to the opinion that we felt there were additional actors that were involved in this particular incident, namely Mr Hefner.

We believe that Mr Hefner not only knew but at the very least should have known what Mr Cosby has been doing to these women over the last 30 plus years. Thus far no one has been held to account for tacitly standing by knowing what this man was doing.

Crazy. I mean I know Hefner is a chauvinist – that’s what he’s built his career upon. Hooking up with girls and getting them to frolic around in his mansion. But I don’t think anyone would have said that he was involved with actually sexually abusing or at least allowing sexual abuse to go on in his presence. Whether these allegations are true or not is yet to be seen but if it does come up to be correct, then that will put a dark spin on his entire background and career.

One thing we do know is that Bill Cosby is a very bad man – check out the time he baited himself up when asked about the rape allegations.


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