These Beer Can Burgers Wrapped In Bacon Look Absolutely Delicious

Beer Can Burgers

Fire up the BBQ.

As the summer approaches along with BBQ season, it seems like not a week goes by where there’s another crazy good recipe that you’ve got to try out. Last week it was burgers wrapped in a french fry bun and this week it’s the phenomenon known as beer can burgers.

A beer can burger is basically burger mince meat that has been shaped around a beer can and then moulded into a sort of bowl made out of burgers. You then remove the beer can, stuff the bowl full of all the sick ingredients you can think of – fried onions, peppers, ham, mushrooms, BBQ sauce and stacks of cheese are recommended – and then top the whole thing off by wrapping it in bacon.

After that you just whack them on the BBQ and drool as you wait for them to be ready to eat. As you can see, they look absolutely delicious and are bound to taste even better. Can’t wait for the weekend.

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