Anonymous Threaten To ‘Unleash Hell’ On Sam Pepper If He Doesn’t Take His Controversial Prank Video Down

Sam Pepper is about to feel the full wrath of the Internet.

The other day, notorious bell-end Sam Pepper uploaded a controversial ‘prank’ onto YouTube in which he kidnapped one of his friends, took him to a rooftop and forced him to watch his best mate get ‘shot in head’ in front of him. Real classic comedy material right?

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The victim pretty much crapped his pants on camera while Sam and his other mate cracked up laughing.

The Internet was pretty up-in-arms about it, and the hilarious thing is that Sam Pepper’s acting like everyone loved it:


Well, if he won’t listen to the casual YouTube viewer, maybe he’ll listen to these guys:

Oh shit – it’s on. It’s now up to Sam Pepper to decide whether he wants to call their bluff for the sake of those YouTube hits or take down the video in hopes these guys don’t hack the shit out of his page and make him look really silly. I’m kind of hoping he’s leaning toward the latter.

For a more in-depth look into why Sam Pepper needs to disappear, click HERE.


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