Anonymous Just Tweeted This Photo They Claim Is Bill Clinton Naked With A Prostitute

As if Hillary's month couldn't get any worse.

A photo apparently showing former President Bill Clinton watching the telly completely starkers while a prostitute massages his back has been leaked online.

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It was shared on an Anonymous member’s Twitter account and of course Re-tweeted a bunch of times. The question is though – is it real?

Looks like Slick Willie’s prepping himself for a cheeky finger up the butthole there. Could it be that he started the anal play trend years before it became cool? Course he fucking did.

Too bad the photo looks totally fake, even though the guy who leaked it appears to be a legit hacker. Oh wait I’m just now reading that it was actually part of an art project in 2003 and so it’s actually 100% fake. Oh well. Let’s just say it’s real because that’s more fun.

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