Watch This Alleged Paedophile Get Savagely Beaten After Being Caught In The Act At Child’s Birthday Party

Paedophile Savagely Beaten


A video that was originally posted on LiveLeak has emerged of a rough brand of favela justice when an alleged paedophie was caught in the act at a child’s birthday party.

The five year old’s birthday party was being held in the favela and her mother was concerned that she could no longer see her six year old sister. After going looking for her, she found her being abused by a man with his pants down in another room of the house.

The reaction is swift as many members of the favela throw him out of the house – with his pants still down – and beat the absolute crap out of him. One even has has a huge stick that he’s whacking him with. He doesn’t look like he’s in a good way.

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Brutal. Obviously paedophilia isn’t acceptable and he does look kind of guilty with his pants down, but they probably should have at least attempted to get to the bottom of this and hear him out before they decided to beat the living tar out of him. I suppose that isn’t how it works over in Brazil though.

To be fair, after hearing what happened to this paedophile in a Brazilian prison, this dude got off lightly.


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