15 Year Old Has Most Insane Birthday Party For A 15 Year Old Ever

15 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party

When I was 15 I think I went paint balling, but this girl decided to throw the sickest party in history.

When I was 15 I think I went paint balling for my birthday or something, I don’t really remember. I definitely wasn’t doing anything like Kiara was in this video, that’s for sure.

Even though it could very easily be faked (it’s just a black room and one camera and people partying in front of it) it does look completely and utterly sick, with kids downing Jagermeister, smoking weed and cigars, taking their tops off, making out with each other, watching girls making out with each other etc – it’s pretty much got everything you need for a good party and looks like a trailer for an episode of Skins back when it was good. Or at least when it started and was better than how it ended up.

Predictably the internet has lost its shit over it, saying stuff like ‘There’s no hope for future generations if this is how 15 year olds are behaving’ even though like I said there’s probably a good chance it was faked. Allow all that though, if it’s real I just hope that by posting this I can get an invite to her 18th birthday party. I would say 16th but 18th is slightly less creepier.

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