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10 Films That Will Make You Lose Faith In Life Itself

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Finding yourself on the edge? Considering ending it all? Why not watch the films on this list and you’ll probably take the plunge.

We have all had a film recommended to us by a friend in that weird but wonderful way that means you know you’re going to be watching a disgusting movie that is going to wrench out your heart and make you feel sick for a week. The classic “have you seen this film? O, don’t watch it – it’s fucking disgusting.”

Although most of us hate to admit it we strive for and seek out the worst in humanity – be it girls opting for the bad guy or boys deciding that their ultimate desire is to start watching bukkake smut – we’ve all had low moments. Cast your eyes over this list and if you’ve watched all ten and are still with us, you’re in a pretty exclusive club, vile but exclusive.

1. FUNNY GAMES (1997) 

Michael Haneke’s Funny Games is a crippling twist on the classic idea of the house invasion thriller. The Austrian film begins with a father, mother and son on their way to a perfect family getaway until two psychotic youths, Peter and Paul, have some very different ideas. Cue sadistic games, voyeuristic thrills and less-than subtle-winks to the audience to let you know that you are part of this vile game. It’ll leave you feeling like you were in on it with the mentally disturbed double act – so you could save yourself the heartache and just watch the American remake starring Tim Roth and Naomi Watts – or watch the original and prepare to deal with a feeling of guilt for the next week or so.

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