The Sad Dog Diary Is A Portal Into The Mind Of Man’s Best Friend

sad dog

We all love dogs but we’ve never really understood them properly, unlike cats. But this video, the Sad Dog Diary shows us how painful a dog’s life can be.

I love dogs. Don’t get me wrong and swing one at me because I love cats, too. But dogs have a special place in that thing between my blackened, paper-like lungs.

It hasn’t always been this way. Cats were always my favourite of the two, until my dog came along and educated me into sorta respecting and more efficiently understanding the way of a dog’s existence.

My cats never did that. They’d just saunter around, shit and piss in their litter tray and rub into my legs, scattering that powerful fragrance of love everywhere. Fooling me, duping me into believing they loved me, too, when all they cared about was me telling them how awesome they were and feeding them better food than myself: truffles, foie gras and caviar.

They rinsed my bank account clean and I’ll never be fooled like that again. You should all take note of their tricks, unless their love fragrance has already worked its magic on you for too long.

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See, my dog isn’t like that. She’ll eat what she’s given and she’s grateful. My bank account is back on the up because she doesn’t mind eating my leftovers and cheaper dog biscuits.

She also brought me into a new excitable way of life, and has shown me how to enjoy it to the max. I never used to get excited when letters would fall through my letterbox but now I’m there before her and ripping them up with my teeth before she can get a sniff and meeting new people has never been better. Jump all over ’em and you’ve got a friend for life. Trust.

I also used to think that dogs slept all the time because they were lazy creatures but that isn’t true. They live a hectic life and they need to preserve as much energy as possible to get through the day and sleeping is also a great relaxation tool to throw the stress of the day away.

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But, one thing I’ve never really mastered is delving into the dark depths of the mind of a dog. I mean, how good would it be to understand their complex minds and respond to their thoughts? It would be much better than staring into their doe eyes and wondering whether they need a pee/shit, food, walkies or a shag but not really understanding what it is they want/need and failing in your attempt to guess the right one.

We’ve all seen the video about how painful a cat’s life can be and how we can understand them better but there hasn’t been a good video about a dog’s life and what their thoughts are on their day-to-day lives. Which has been a bit of a pain.

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That is, until now. The Sad Dog Diary gives us all the philosophical info we need to get along with man’s best friend better and answers the questions that have been burning away for centuries. Educate yourself:


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