Zorbing With An Angry Ass Bull Looks Like Absolute Carnage

Bull Zorbs

These dudes are lucky to be alive.

There’s a whole bunch of sports that people now do from inside a zorb, as the addition of the inflatable bubble makes it a whole lot more fun, obviously.

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The most common zorbing sport is football, but it turns out that somebody thought it would be a good idea to introduce it into an equation that also involved an angry as fuck bull. While this might not be the best plan judging from the video below, the fact that the zorb is there probably makes it a lot safer than if the guy just rocked up and tried to take the bull on in his street clothes.

I think the guy would probably be dead without the zorb to be honest:

Jesus. That is some serious hang time.

To be honest I can’t believe that people are actually stupid enough to get in these orbs and go out there into a pen with crazy bulls. I hope they’re getting paid a decent amount for this because they’re literally risking their lives doing this dumb shit. It is super entertaining to watch at home and probably even better live so I’ve gotta give them props for that. Just need to know when they’re coming through my area next so I can go check it out in person.

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