Zombie Jimmy Savile Costume Withdrawn From Sale On Amazon

Jimmy Savile

Is it really that surprising that a zombie Jimmy Savile costume was going to be highly controversial? No, not at all.

Amazon has moved swiftly to withdraw a zombie Jimmy Savile Halloween costume from sale after numerous complaints were received about it, which is probably the least surprising sentence anyone has typed this year.

The suit itself was available for £14.99 – a pretty decent price considering it came with a shell suit, cigar, medallion, face paint, shades, a white wig and fake blood, which is pretty much everything you need to become the perfect zombie version of Jimmy Savile. It was described as being ‘perfect for bad taste parties, Halloween and zombie Jimmy Savile fancy dress’ by someone who was obviously an excellent copy writer. I mean who describes the name of the costume as being perfect for an occasion where you want to dress up in said costume? Budget.

Charities and commenters offered observations such as those from Peter Saunders who works for the National Association For People Abused In Childhood: ‘It is tasteless, senseless, and extremely insensitive. Nobody wants to remember Savile’s horrible face, particularly his many victims.’

For once I’m actually going to agree with this guy because I don’t really think there’s anything funny or useful about selling costumes like this. Sure, it is a completely horrific costume, but I think the point of Halloween is to wear a scary costume that’s also fun and not actually based on real life horror. I mean are people selling Ariel Castro costumes over in America? Whoever made this costume is crass and gross, but I bet there will be at least one wanker at the Halloween party you choose to go to this year that will think it’s funny to wear that costume. Bet he doesn’t get laid though.

You can check out pictures of the costume below. The picture at the top of this article isn’t actually a Jimmy Savile zombie costume, it’s just an old picture of Jimmy Savile looking distinctly terrible, in case you got mixed up.

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Zombie Jimmy Savile 2

Zombie Jimmy Savile 1


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