The Florida Zombie Killer’s Condition Is ‘Rapidly Deteriorating’


We might never know what actually happened that night.

It’s been over a month since 19-year-old Florida State University sophomore Austin Harrouff decided to attack 59-year-old John Stevens and then start eating his dead corpse, and it looks like we might never know what happened that night as he’s been in hospital ever since and his condition is rapidly deteriorating according to his father.

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Wade Harrouff appeared on Dr Phil on Wednesday to talk about the event (you can watch the full video below) and the key points of information regarding his son’s condition, and what was going on in his head in the run up to the attack:

Austin has a severe case of pneumonia and still suffers from severe burns to his esophagus from whatever chemicals he may have ingested at the murder scene.

Austin is not doing well. He can open his eyes. He can raise his finger. He can squeeze my hand. He can’t talk. He is unresponsive.

I’m convinced a psychological breakdown was the cause for Austin committing these gruesome murders. That’s what I believe, he had the symptoms for about two weeks prior.

I just thought he’d snap out of it. He went from a happy person to can’t sleep, pacing the floors.

He could barely work, he’s tired, there’s no question he had mental problems. I wish I had seen the signs and feel guilty every day that I didn’t.

Ooof. That is going to make you feel pretty shitty though if your son out of nowhere killed someone and started eating their body and then went into a coma or whatever it is he’s in right now, especially if you think you might have been able to stop it. Must feel completely awful.

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