Stupid Yanks Proves They’re Dumber Than First Thought By Inappropriate Racist Halloween Costumes


This is without a doubt the dumbest halloween costume we’ve ever seen.

For some reason American people bum Halloween like it’s the new Christmas. Halloween is nothing but an excuse for girls to dress like sluts and peados to get away with giving kids Rohypnol laced Hairbo. And you always get some cunt turning up to the party trying to shock people with their halloween fancy dress costume. This year we’ll see an influx of Jimmy Savile characters lining the shit bars throughout the Printworks proving that they are indeed outrageous and completely LOL because they choose to dress like a glorified peadofile. Classy. But these two stupid yanks (pictured below) have taken things to a whole other level by dressing up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, which is indeed the lowest of the low.

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American Halloween


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