Zayn Malik Quit One Direction Because An Alien Told Him To Do It

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Always listen to your friends.

Zayn Malik leaving One Direction was (like it or not) one of the biggest stories of 2015 and since then he’s gone on to be a successful solo artist in his own right by releasing a debut album that topped the Billboard chart and also start dating Gigi Hadid. Not bad.

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However, although many people have had their suspicions about why Zayn ended up ditching his bandmates back then – many cited exhaustion, fallings out or increased pressure on the guy as his reasons – it turns out that it was exactly something way stranger than that: an alien told him to. Zayn said the following on an interview with Glamour magazine, in a quick fire short answer style interview:

Zayn Malik

First time you realized you wanted to break off from 1D and go off on your own? An alien spoke to me in a dream….

Wow. OK. First time you really felt like an adult? Just yesterday.

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Lol. Not sure if Zayn’s trolling with that answer or if he’s being serious but the question after it certainly gives it some context doesn’t it. I wish an alien would come to me in my dreams and tell me what to do with my life regarding huge decisions – sounds like Zayn has it fairly easy to be honest.

Maybe he should form a musical project with Blink 182’s former guitarist Tom DeLonge, who apparently claims he quit the band in order to fight aliens.


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