This Guy’s Floating Cards Trick Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Zach Mueller Cardistry

Illusionist Zach Mueller can make cards literally float in the air and you will have no idea how he does it.

Card tricks are normally fairly impressive but illusionist Zach Mueller has taken it to the next level with this floating card tricks where he literally makes the cards he is holding float up and down his hands in straight vertical lines like something out of Tetris.

He calls it Cardistry and I’ve got literally no idea how he does it? It might be something to do with the Fontaine cards he’s using in the video as he’s offering to give away a few decks of them at the end of the video, but I’m not sure how a deck of cards could be set up to behave like this either?

Oh and for extra lolz make sure you check out his face as he’s performing the trick.

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Freaky right? Any ideas about how he does it? Me neither.

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