Zac Goldsmith’s Campaign Video And Song Is The Weirdest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Zac Goldsmith

This is one of the worst ideas of all time.

You’re probably aware that Zac Goldsmith is currently campaigning to be the Mayor Of London. If you weren’t then you definitely will be after you see this video because it’s the most bizarre and weird attempt at garnering public support I think that we’ve ever seen.

The concept behind the video and song is kind of admirable but the execution is just absolutely stupid. Playing on the fact that London is a truly multicultural city and clearly aiming to appeal to a multitude of different people, Goldstein and his team have decided to release a campaign song that’s sung in six different languages: 1) English, (2) Hindi, (3) Urdu, (4) Punjabi, (5) Chinese & (6) Bangla. The idea is that Zac will ’stand up for the interests of all Londoners and work hard to make a great city greater still’.

Yeah, if you believe that then I guess you’ll believe anything. Once you’ve watched the video though I’m pretty sure the only thing you’re going to believe is that whoever is running Zac Goldsmith’s social media channels is a complete and utter idiot.

Jesus, just what the hell was that? I mean like I said the sentiment is kind of awesome (although not really that believable given the recent actions of the Tories) but that video and song were both absolutely atrocious.

I suppose there’s no way to really do something like this in a good way – has a campaign song ever been good? – and with a gimmick like that then it’s probably even harder to get it to sound good, but surely they could have done a better job than that? Or just have watched it back and realised that it was completely and utterly lame and wasn’t going to achieve anything except for getting them completely and utterly rinsed on the internet? How can they think that saying ‘Zac Goldsmith, yes he will win’ over and over again (even if it’s in another language) are effective lyrics for a song? And don’t get me started on some of the other political rhetoric in there..

Seriously, someone needs to get a clue over there – or it might be better I suppose if they keep pulling out crap like this as it might mean the Tories lose their power in this country, although there are so many idiots out there that it’s unlikely this will even affect the party. Hell, the people that vote for them might even think it’s cool/enjoy it. That would probably explain it.

For more ridiculous political campaign videos, check out some of The Green Party’s videos – the difference is that they may be ridiculous but they’re actually effective too.


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